Please read text below before submitting your application.

  • Vendors with Viking themed merchandise or food stalls/trucks may submit an application to be considered in the 2024 festival. See our food stall suggestions below to help you be creative and get into the Viking Festival Spirit.
  • Vendor information:

  • Merchandise of Viking/ Historical Era theme most welcome or alternative merchandise will be determined by our Vendor Coordinator.
  • We try to limit merchandise duplication
  • Vendor must have A CURRENT ABN NUMBER
  • Food stall holders must have appropriate food service approvals and to be provided to Vendor Co-ordinator prior to approval
  • Vendor booth fees CAN be paid online after the vendor is approved. A link to the online fee payment page will be sent after the application is accepted.
  • Vendors may only sign up for the size granted by our Vendor Coordinator. If you would like a larger booth than the one you have been assigned, please communicate that to our Vendor Coordinator and she will make a note of it. Should a larger spot be available, she will reassign you and you may then pay us the difference between the single and double space.
  • FEES

    $80 single (3x3) - $100 double (6x3) - - $120 extra large (8x4) - If you require power there will be an additional cost of $20.


    Discounted stall pricing is available for all Sussex Inlet businesses and organisations

    Food Stall Suggestions to help you to be creative and get into the Viking Festival Spirit
    Google Danish foods or recipes for more inspiration

    • Viking themed barbecues with pork, chicken or beef sausages and Danish condiments such as fried onions and pickles
    • Spit roast lamb or roast pork rolls
    • European style Danish hotdogs
    • Viking Pies- Seafood, beef, chicken and lamb pies
    • Danish pastries, Danish apple cakes, doughnuts
    • Coffee vans - we need at least 2-3 mobile coffee vans
    • Seafood - sushi, oysters, smoked salmon, prawn plates, pickled herring, fish tacos
    • Danish open sandwiches ( smorrebread) on rye bread with pickles
    • Barbecue chicken, kebabs or chicken pieces
    • Soups - Chicken soup with dumplings or Potato or pea soups served with bread rolls
    • Antipasto plates - cheese, pate and salamis
    • Danish meatballs and cabbage
    • Fish and Chips
    • Pizza - meatballs, seafood, meat lovers, salamis
    • Chinese and Thai food is also popular in Denmark


    In submitting this application, Vendor agrees to the following:

    Submission of an application is not an assurance of a space. Festival Vendor coordinator will contact those who have been accepted with payment information and further conditions. Application is not accepted until this contact has been made.
    Vendor must have valid ABN number and all associated permits.

    VENDORS ARE REQUIRED TO SET UP BOOTHS ON FRIDAY, 7th JUNE between 1pm and 5pm or SATURDAY 8th JUNE between 7am – 9am

    No vehicular access will be permitted to the site after 9am Saturday 8th June after parking and setting up your booth.

    Vendor booth unloading FRIDAY 7th June should be completed prior to 6pm so those staying on grounds can get a good night’s sleep prior to the event.

    Saturday closure and departure: Vendors must remain open until at least 4pm.

    Vehicles may not be driven onto premises until the booth and goods are completely dismantled, packed, and ready for loading.

    Vendor coordinator will contact vendor with further details.

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Maximum upload size: 300.00 kB