Our Viking Festival takes place right at the waters edge on the beautiful Sussex Inlet

Enjoy a range of marine activities from the banks of this pristine waterway.

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Enjoy Sussex Inlet's beautiful waterfront

Festival Opening Flotilla

Sussex Inlet is a traditional fishing village well known for fishing, sailing and boating and following in the tradition of the Elmoos Family who were our early Danish settlers a flotilla of boats will form a key part of our festival opening activities.

Wooden Boat Display

Enjoy the collection of beautifully restored wooden boats from the Sussex Inlet wooden boat enthusiasts on display during the Festival.

River Dragons Boats

Saturday 26th September 11.15am - 12.15 pm - Enjoy a display of Dragon Boats paddling along the Sussex Inlet with our local River Dragon crews as part of a Dragon Boat demonstration.

Surf Boat Challenge Races

Sunday 27th September 9.30am - 3.30pm on the Sunday of the festival enjoy the excitement of over 15 surf boats racing in time trial races on the inlet to the entrance of St Georges Basin.

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